EasyData: It’s data, and it’s easy

I wanted to share with you a terrific online data enquiry tool recently posted by my State government called EasyDataEasyData is part of a wider business portal, but its particular focus is to present the latest regional South Australian economic, social and environmental indicators down to the Local Government (i.e. council) area.  Data sources include the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other agencies from all three levels of government.

I find the EasyData interface intuitive and easy to navigate; with plenty of relevant, useful and interesting information to explore.  And it looks great.  The functionality is also there for information analysts like me who might want to steal export the data into our own reports, presentations and spreadsheets.

EasyData is certainly one of the better, if not the best, online regional profiles products that I’ve come across, and I’ve seen a few.  All the more remarkable given that, I understand, just a few key staff developed the whole thing in only a few months.  It’s a credit to the those that put it all together (not me!).  Great effort.

Check out EasyData here: www.SouthAustralia.biz/EasyData