About the author

Call me Stanley Devia.  In fact call me anything you like.  Just don’t call me late for dinner.  I’m a husband, father and Information Analyst from Adelaide, Australia.  And this blog is an… experiment.  An experiment with only two possible outcomes: success or failure.  Hence the name The Bernoulli Trial.

Catchy, no?

The motivation behind the creation of this blog was, and remains, principally to improve my writing ability.  No, I’m not talking about grammar and spelling.  I’m a keen reader but, paradoxically, being able to focus and coherently put my thoughts down on ‘paper’ is a skillset I need (and want) to develop further.  I have a particular interest in, and hopefully some knowledge of, probability and statistics so I’ll endeavour to keep the material focussed on these areas.  But there’s no reason why blogs should stick to a particular theme.  Basically I’ll write about stuff that I personally find interesting, and I hope you do too.  But if I become a better writer that nobody reads then that’s OK with me.

Do you like what I’m doing?  Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome.  Please feel free to either leave a comment or email me.


For those who are wondering, the image in my header is a photo I took of a MADAS calculator, on display in the foyer of the Australian Bureau of Statistics building in Canberra, Australia.


One Response

  1. Hello Stanley!!
    My name is Enrique. I live in Monterrey, México and I found your Web-site by chance… Like you, I am Information Analyst, and before I work on this I used to download data bases from Internet and analyze just for fun, nobody believe but it´s true, hahaha…

    Congratulations for your blog, I will visit it very often!!

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