Australian ISP Market Share, March 2012

Back in 2010 I had a go at estimating the relative market shares of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Australia. A reader has asked if I have more recent data, so I thought it was high time I revisited these estimates.

I’ve applied the same method as last time: Roy Morgan make ISP customer profiles available for purchase. At the bottom of each report’s synopsis, you’ll see that a sample size has been included (for example, the Internode customer profile is based on a sample of 404 customers).  Now, combining these sample sizes from the ISPs’ profiles I think could potentially provide a good basis for estimating overall market share.

My results are presented in Table 1 below. Market share is ALL business, government and home subscribers with ANY kind of internet access including dialup, DSL, cable, fibre, satellite and wireless (fixed & mobile).

The Roy Morgan samples behind these estimates were taken between April 2011 and March 2012 — except where marked with an asterix. Marked samples were taken between April 2010 and March 2012 (i.e. over two years instead of one), so please regard estimates based on these data with extra caution. Market share in these cases could actually be much smaller than calculated here.

Several ISPs listed individually in Table 1 are actually subsidiaries  of larger groups, particularly the iiNet group. As a group, iiNet now has a combined market share of 13.2%. Please refer to the notes under the table for more details.

Table 1: Estimated Australian ISP market share, March 2012

Internet Service Provider Roy Morgan
sample size (no.)
Estimated relative
market share (%)
3 Internet 243 1.8%
AAPT 255 1.9%
Adam 185 1.4%
Chariot 135 * 1.0% *
Dodo 348 2.6%
Exetel 119 0.9%
iiNet 660 4.9%
Internode 404 3.0%
iPrimus 237 1.8%
Netspace 164 1.2%
Optusnet 2,367 17.6%
TADAust Connect 144 * 1.1% *
Telstra Bigpond 6,607 49.2%
TPG 749 5.6%
Unwired 111 * 0.8% *
Virgin 163 1.2%
Vodafone 252 1.9%
Westnet 297 2.2%
TOTAL 13,440 100.0%

* Treat these data/estimates with extra caution. Time period for these samples are two years, April 2010 – March 2012. All other time periods are one year, April 2011 – March 2012.

Important notes:

  1. AAPT, Netspace, Westnet, and Internode owned by iiNet. Estimated market share for whole iiNet group = 13.2%.
  2. Adam Internet serves South Australia and Northern Territory only. Also, Adam are in the process of being acquired by Telstra (at time of writing).
  3. Chariot is owned by TPG.



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