Big Blog Theory nomination

It was very nice to receive an email a couple of days ago, letting me know that The Bernoulli Trial has been nominated for The Big Blog Theory science blogging competition.  The Big Blog Theory “was created to celebrate National Science Week 2010 and to acknowledge the Australian bloggers out there who contribute to the communication and understanding of science online.”  Finalists will be announced on Friday, 9 July.

So thank you to whoever nominated me.

I’ve updated my Stock Market Seismometer (see separate page tab above) to bring the data up to the end of the Australian 2009-10 financial year.  Not good news for share market punters.  Half of the recovery recorded throughout most of a hopeful 2009 calendar year has been wiped out.  How much further it has to fall, or whether it can turn things around, I just don’t know.  I don’t think anyone does.



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