I’m number one, baby, so why try harder?

The other day Whirlpool Discussion Forums member “billabong” posted that ISP aaNet is running a promotion, and are using the flyer pictured below.  Readers will see that aaNet have sourced two customer satisfaction surveys (Whirlpool Australian Broadband Survey 2008 and Australian PC Authority Best ISP Award 2008), making it clear that aaNet finished number “1” in those polls.

Or did they?

As billabong points out, on the question of “Would you recommend your ISP to other people?” in the Whirlpool survey, aaNet actually finished 7th overall with 88.4% “Yes”.  In the “Value for Money” category of the PC Authority survey, aaNet also finished 7th with 4 out of 6 stars.  And they dropped to only 3 out of 6 stars in the “Overall” class.

So not quite “Number 1”.

I don’t actually have a real problem with aaNet cherry picking survey results, putting themselves in the best possible light for marketing purposes.  It’s just par for the course in advertising.  I expect all companies will do it to some degree.  Consumers should always be wary of the various shenanigans that go on when it comes to marketing departments and data.  That said, there can be still be a certain elegance about it.  The way aaNet have crudely slapped a blue “Number 1” ribbon over results that they actually finished 7th in leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Poor form, aaNet.  Poor form.




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